Volume 11 - Issue 6
December 2012

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Vubiz Launches Video Division

Vubiz eLearning is excited to announce the launch of a new video division after acquiring Vertical Line Media. Val Blokowski will head the new division as Vice President and continue leading the successful video business while expanding it further into Vubiz eLearning offerings.

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New Course in Advances in Business and Financial Reporting

Vubiz is excited to launch a new financial eLearning course in standardized XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language).

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NEW Harassment Prevention Program from Award Winning Vubiz

Vubiz eLearning announces a brand new Harassment Prevention Training Program for 2013. In partnership with Employer’s Group of California, Vubiz is launching dynamic new online courses covering Prevention of Harassment and Illegal Discrimination for both supervisors and employees.

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Making Compliance Easy

Compliance training is one of the fastest-growing sectors of corporate eLearning, accounting for more than 15% according to 2012 surveys. But most importantly, compliance is often seen as the gateway to more comprehensive online ventures as companies often test the eLearning waters with mandated training.

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Compliance eLearning from Real-Life Government Penalties

By Ray Jimenez, PHD founder Vignettes Learning

Oftentimes, the stories of non-compliance are right in front of us. Although some may find it unsuitable to their company because of sensitivities and legal constraints, citing court rulings and administrative penalties and judgment demonstrate clearly why compliance eLearning is a must for learners.

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